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Our Story

We’ve all been there–caught between having to choose a career that makes a positive social impact, or one that generates wealth. We created Next Door Photos to provide an opportunity to do both–all while solving a problem those in the greater real estate industry face every day.

NDP was founded in 2015, with the first location launching in 2016 under the shared ownership business model. Systems were built and the business model was honed as NDP expanded to Grand Rapids and Detroit. Investment in continued innovation, operations and expansion continued for the next three years and has brought us to what you see today.  

NDP is a growing network, now consisting of 35+ successful B-Corp certified real estate photography businesses launched through a shared ownership model that generates wealth and empowers freedom. 


What are the benefits of a partnership?

At NDP we believe in the value of ownership and we believe in sharing the wins. That is why we chose to partner with people to launch and grow new business locations. It is one of our core desires to help people become business owners and partner with them to scale. We do this by launching NDP locations as joint venture LLCs and split the equity with the local owner. More details on our structure outlined within our candidate process.

What kind of support does NDP offer to the local owner?
Running an NDP is not a lonely endeavor. We provide local owners with the support needed to scale your business. We provide and maintain the systems that your NDP business runs on while also providing coaching, marketing, design, editing, payment processing, and bookkeeping. The best thing about NDP is the community and collaboration among our Local Owners.
What is the cost of launching an NDP?
Like in most business start-ups there is capital needed to start. NDP has streamlined the launch of our local businesses providing a high growth business opportunity with a surprisingly low barrier of entry. The capital needed to launch an NDP location starts at $25,000. This includes equipment, systems, legal and training as well as an executive business coach for the first two years. There are many financing options available so do not let this be the barrier to finding out more!
What are the financial requirements for owning an NDP?
NDP does not have a minimum net worth requirement as many comparable opportunities have. However, we do require that local owners fully understand the financial aspects of launching, growing and scaling their business and that they are able to provide a plan for their personal needs through the first year of launch.
Is photography experience a requirement to own an NDP location?
No – Local Owners are not required to have any photography experience. We are looking for business owners that are passionate about business development, sales, and customer service. We provide photography training to all Local Owners before launching their business.
Where can I open an NDP location?
Next Door Photos is looking to launch locations all across the US and Canada. Many cities/metro areas are large enough for multiple locations so please reach out even if you see an NDP in your metro region.
How long does it take to open an NDP?
NDP has a candidate process that all potential local owners walk through while deciding if this is the right opportunity for them. This process includes access to the NDP Candidate Portal which allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the business through self-guided videos, financial models, personality profiles, interviews, and assessments. The typical candidate process takes 4-8 weeks with the goal of launching within 30-45days after signing a Letter of Intent.


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